Our Mission

working_with_children_with_autismThe mission of the Collaborative Autism Treatment Campus (CAT-Campus) is to provide an organization and structure whereby the best and brightest professionals treating people with autism can come together to meet the needs of the “whole person” with autism and their family.  The creation of the community of service providers will provide a quality of service delivery higher than any of the individuals can create alone through the use of shared knowledge, multi-disciplinary program planning and division of labor across organizations.  The community of service providers provides for the needs of the person with autism and their family across the lifespan with continuity.  The community of service providers is a resource to the community at large to increase their understanding, knowledge and expertise of evidence based practices in treating children with Autism and their families.  Through this community of service providers and customers we allow for the creation of systems and supports to allow people with Autism to live fulfilling, purposeful lives.


One thought on “Our Mission

  1. This sounds like an amazing and cutting edge autism resource. How can educators moving into the area become a part of this?

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